Love in the Shadows

By Eden Hopewell

Everything familiar, everything she was supposed to want - Emily was ready to trade it for a single kiss.

In a world that could ruin them with a whisper, Emily Collins and Charlotte Forten risk it all for a love that dares to defy history. The year is 1877, and Philadelphia’s cobblestone streets are awash with whispers and judgments, but none as damning as the ones Emily would face should her secret affair be discovered.

Drawn together by a fateful meeting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Emily, a high-society woman, finds her life forever changed by Charlotte, a revolutionary female painter. Each stolen glance, each brushstroke, and each forbidden kiss pushes them closer to a love that could cost them everything—family, reputation, and even their place in society.

In the sequestered spaces of art galleries and in the sanctuaries of their hidden desires, Emily and Charlotte find a love that is as illicit as it is soul-stirring. But can this love withstand the scorching scrutiny of a world determined to keep them apart?

Dive into a short and sweet sapphic historical romance that paints a vivid tableau of love, art, and defiance, set against the rich tapestry of 19th-century Philadelphia.

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