Love’s Learning Curve

By Lindsey Pennington

Two women in different places in life find exactly what they are looking for together.

Skylar Nash’s life is in turmoil after her mom is unexpectedly killed in a car accident. She’s moved back to her hometown to get her mom’s life settled while putting her own on hold. Torn between the life she loves in the city with her girlfriend and giving her siblings the kind of small town childhood she had. She’s trapped. Unable to move forward, she takes over her mom’s job at the high school and is making friends with the teacher across the hall. The ever hot Miss Hensley.

Too bad the woman doesn’t think she is up to the task of raising her brother and sister. It’s the same thing Skylar thinks, but only her former teacher would say it out loud. To her face.

Leila Hensley has accepted that this is her life and it’s in a rut. As a small town teacher, she puts all her time and energy into her students, trying to forget the fact that she was passed up for a principal position she’d coveted for years. At home she has her hobbies and her dog since her love life is long dead and with no prospects she has quit trying. She knows nothing will change.

Not until her best friend’s daughter starts teaching in the room across the hall from her. A woman who once was her student, but she had definitely grown up. Too bad Leila keeps putting her foot in her mouth whenever they speak.

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