Loving Katharine

The British Royals Series, Book 2

By Q. Kelly

Can the queen of England find true love?

When Britain’s crown princess Katharine came out of the closet and ran off with one of her security officers, they knew they were destined for a fling, not for true romance. They would take what they could get in the little time they had together and resume their separate lives.

Except Katharine is queen a mere three months after they parted, and her former lover has been summoned to her side. What about the feelings that deepened in Puerto Rico? Can the two women make a go of an actual relationship?

Maybe. Maybe not. Plus, some things are not what they seem. Namely, Katharine’s youngest sister, Emma, is struggling with her own sexuality. Secrets and fear run deep, and they imperil the chances of a happily ever after.

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from Mar 24 to Mar 28

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