Luck Lines

By Quinn Tollens

Every person is born with a line of luck on their arm that they can spend to bribe fate in their favor.

Spend it wisely and the doors to success will open. Spend it foolishly and you’ll be shunned as a reckless blank-arm.

At age twenty-three, Helena has never spent a single inch of luck, for fear of ending up like her gambling brother. She’s never needed luck though. So far, her life has unfolded perfectly as planned, with her plush apartment, prestigious job, and parental approval. But then Helena develops inconvenient feelings for the mysterious, blank-armed Nadia who works in the office next door.

Nadia is brilliant and confident and absolutely hiding something. Helena wants to love her, but she has a hard time trusting someone whose priorities are so different from her own. Can Helena make this relationship work, or will she rue the day she took a risk on romance?

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