Lucky Cupid

The Love in the Veil Series, Book 2

By Sarah Blue

A St. Patrick's Day Novella

What’s a cupid to do when she’s unlucky at love?

Summon lady luck from her mystical waters in Ireland and change her fortune, of course.

Juliet is a brand new cupid trying to navigate love for herself and others. The only issue is she sucks at being a cupid. With her newly acquired lucky shamrock on her side, things finally start to turn around for the cupid.

Her arrows are hitting their targets. She’s making love matches, but more importantly, she’s falling for the mysterious reaper named Mors. What started as a blind date quickly turns into a whirlwind romance between the cupid and reaper. With newfound romance in her life, and figuring out who she is, life couldn’t get any better.

That is, as long as her luck doesn’t run out.

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