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Anthology / Short Story
Loss / Grieving / Widow
Trigger/Content Warning:
Depression, self-harm


The Sins of Mercy Series, Book 1

By Hildred Billings

"Mercy Devereux stood on the edge of a bridge, looking into the abyss below."

Life has not been kind to Mercy: her girlfriend is gone, she’s unappreciated in her corporate job, and depression has always haunted her. That’s how she came to stand on the bridge where she meets Acedia, the deity who oversees the Seven Sinners, bringers of peace and carnal healing.

Now Mercy must embark on a journey to reclaim the sinful delights in life, beginning with Lust, the crimson-colored deity who hopes to reawaken more than just a woman’s heart. But Mercy soon discovers that a spirit’s power is not meant for most mortal flesh – a dire thought, when there are seven ethereal women waiting for her, each with their own sinful agendas!

Sins of Mercy is a series of short stories about one woman’s reawakening to the world around her. It includes topics regarding depression and self-harm. The overall serial has a HEA.

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Also Available as an audiobook →

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