Lyrical Symphony

By Regina Ann Faith

A dancer with a secret crush; A violinist with a secret of her own.


Dance has been my life for as long as I could remember

I’ve been laser focused on advancing my professional dancing career

It’s the one thing I’ve always wanted

To be in control and live my dream on my own terms

But that all changed when I met her

She was the last person I expected to fall for

And now that I’ve fallen

Will she be open to reciprocate my feelings?


My career as a violinist has taken me all over the world

Even to my home country of China to perform

Going back there is a painful reminder that in a few years

I’d be forced into something every girl dreams of

But I’m hesitant to speak of

If only that wasn’t the case

Because when I met her, my love grew

It was something new to me, new to her

But how can I tell her that this may not last

My feelings for her, I’ve forced myself to deny

I can’t be the one to break her heart, it will eat me alive

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