Maid For You

By Mariah R. Embry

True love blossoms between two unlikely women during lockdown.

Octavia’s life has not been easy. From the time she was a little girl to now, her life has been one struggle after the other. When Octavia finally reached America, she thought her life would become easier. Never did she think she’d be a maid, working for an evil man who likes to employ immigrant women and pay them less than minimum wage, but this is where she finds herself.

Jay Firefly is a renowned rock star, who lives a lavish life and is not shy of basking in her fame and fortune. When Jay is not partying or throwing parties, she likes to indulge in her various girlfriends, drink, or spend money gambling. Jay lives her life in the fast lane and hates, more than anything, feeling like she is being judged for it.

When Jay’s live-in maid quits, she’s desperate to find a replacement. Luckily, Johnny, the agent over the maid services, finds a replacement, Octavia. Jay expects Octavia to be just like all the other maids but is shocked when she realizes she met Octavia once before. As Octavia begins to work, Jay quickly realizes that her new maid judges her, and can’t stand the guilt felt when she looks into her eyes. Jay wants to fire Octavia and hire someone that’s more submissive. However, hiring new help is not as simple now that COVID-19 is forcing everyone to stay indoors.

Forced to hide from a vicious virus that is killing thousands, and locked right in the epicenter of the crisis, will mother nature’s timeout force these women to bond? Or will the solitude within the mansion be too much for them to bear?

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