Marry Christmas Nanny

By Alexa Woods

What happens when a free-spirited nanny and her stick-in-the-mud employer fall in love?

Christmas is a magical time. But will its spell work when a free-spirited nanny and her uptight stickler for the rules employer collide? As their battle of wills heats up, so does their attraction.

Professional live-in nanny Marlin never met a kid she couldn’t handle.

Brats? Dealt with. Temper tantrums? No problem. Picky eaters? Nothing a bit of ketchup won’t fix.

As for the parents?

To date, Marlin could charm them all.

But just before Christmas, she meets her new boss, neurosurgeon Arizona. A tightly wound lover of rules, Arizona never tires of micro-managing life in her palatial home.
Good thing her kids are cute.

As Arizona and Marlin engage in a battle of wills, Marlin realizes something rather enticing: Underneath Arizona’s harsh shell is a beautiful woman, just looking to have her rules broken.

Arizona loves her job but her first love is her kids.

Trouble is even though she adores them, being the best in her field has a price: Time.

After a messy divorce and a string of substandard nannies, she puts her faith in Marlin.

At first, it seems she’s made another mistake. Marlin pushes Arizona’s buttons to no end – but the kids adore her.

Soon, Arizona finds that the infuriating nanny awakens passions and desires within her she thought dead forever.

And suddenly Arizona must wonder: Aren’t some rules meant to be broken?

Don’t miss this fun, feel-good, steamy, lesbian Christmas novel!

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