Mary, Everything

The Flapper Covenant Series, Book 1

By Cassandra Yorke

She was born in the wrong time, and now it's going to kill her.

Dark Academia meets Magical Realism & Midwestern Gothic in the 1920s.

2004. Courtney is a lonely student at secluded Braddock College, working a drowsy summer job in the Archives. A haunted yearbook from the 1920s becomes the catalyst for an otherworldly series of events, and an encounter with a mysterious young woman dressed in long-outdated clothes rekindles her own shadowy past. Reality itself begins to unravel, and dark forces emerge to threaten Courtney’s life. She shouldn’t have been born, and now she has hours to live.

1921. Sadie launches a desperate attempt to rescue her new friend, joined by a remarkable set of allies – an American combat sorceress and veteran of World War I, an enigmatic professor specializing in piercing the veil between realities, and two young women who insist they’re Courtney’s oldest friends – one of them claiming to be her truest love.

Sadie and her allies scramble to save their friend from eighty years away, battling a mysterious cult that wants her dead. Time is running out, and a terrifying wilderness – haunted by the dead from centuries past – may hold the key to her salvation. But none who enter have ever returned…

Mary, Everything brings Magical Realism home to the Midwest in an explosive new style, blending Midwestern Gothic and historical fiction with a warm lesbian love story to create a riveting, immersive epic you won’t be able to put down. It’s an urgent narrative about what it means to belong, what it means to be hated, what it means to be loved, and ultimately what it means to come home.

Perfect for fans of Plain Bad HeroinesJonathan Strange and Mr. NorrellOutlander, and Time and Again.

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