Match on Loan

The TwinSoul Dating App Series, Book 2

By Alexa Woods

When a shady contract becomes much more...

After her beloved granny does the unthinkable and takes out a loan on the bookshop that hosts the weekly book club, Cara has to save the family business. Pronto.

With no better options, the young woman is forced to meet True Morino, the loan shark now holding Cara’s future in her hands, and beg for more time. She’ll pay once their TwinSoul dating app makes a profit.

But the gorgeous ice queen is resilient. she could care less about Cara’s problems, and doesn’t believe in TwinSoul’s potential.

Wealthy, powerful, and successful, True is all business. Dating, let alone love, is for those with too much time on their hands. And True has hers full with her company.

She’s always had a strict policy: Never forgive a loan. Or take a trade.

But from the moment True lays her eyes on the naïve and stunning Cara, she knows one thing. She wants her. And for the first time in her life, she is inclined to come to an arrangement .

True, in her typical manner, makes a salacious and straightforward business offer: spending time with Cara in exchange for the loan.

Humiliated and furious, Cara storms out of True’s office.

She is not going to accept such an offer. Even from the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.

But what happens when True decides to check out the app Cara mentioned to her?

And will Cara decide to accept the contract if TwinSoul matches her with none other than True?

True and Cara’s story is the second book in the “TwinSoul App” hot and alluring age-gap dating app FF romance series. Each book in the series is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after for the couple.

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