Match Play

By Lainee Ash

Wren is a hustler. A golf hustler. Until she meets the woman who upends her entire life.

Wren is supposed to be picking out suckers to ruin for her boss, but a chance encounter with a beautiful and enticing golfer derails her plans. Mio isn’t simply a great golfer – she’s the best Wren has ever met. And too beautiful to ignore.

A single friendly match turns into a much deeper bond as Wren and Mio get entangled in the shady world of underground golf tournaments with life-and-death stakes. And Wren will do anything to make sure Mio gets through this safely.

Including selling herself to the mob to shield Mio from harm.

But Mio isn’t letting this woman out of her life that easily. They’ll fight competitors, mob bosses and more to be together, overcoming all odds to explore this magnetic attraction.

Match Play is a sapphic sports romance with high-stakes golf, a devious mafia out for blood, spicy open door scenes, a secret billionaire hiding in plain sight and a HEA.

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