Mon Ange del la Morte

By J. Aceyn

Assassins born to hate, destined to love. Can they rewrite their deadly story?

Ilya and Vex find themselves born into a long-standing rivalry. As the destined leaders of two feuding clans of assassins, their meeting was inevitable. Raised from birth to despise one another, they navigate a treacherous world of shadows and secrets, their lives teetering on the edge of danger and desire.

Ilya is a seductive and cunning femme fatale, possessing a lethal beauty and uncanny marksmanship. On the other hand, Vex is an unstoppable force, a powerhouse whose strength and penchant for knives strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies. As they come of age, both girls are accepted into an elite training program where they hone their lethal skills. Forced upon one another, they end up succumbing to the electrifying tension that exists between them. They fall in love, and decide to rewrite their story. Forget their families. They would leave it all and make their own way.

But when a cold-hearted murder sends shockwaves through their insular world, Ilya and Vex are torn apart. Fueled by pain, they relentlessly pursue their own vendettas against one another, seizing every opportunity to undermine and sabotage. For years this blood war rages between them. Yet, amidst the chaos, they find themselves unwilling to inflict true harm upon the person they once loved.

Until one night they end up on the same job, and that all changes.

Within the pages of this dark and erotically charged tale, secrets are unveiled, desires clash, and passion blazes through the shadows. “Mon Ange de la Mort” explores the complex depths of forbidden love, meticulously weaving together a narrative that delves into the intricate dance between pain and pleasure, duty and desire. As their worlds collide and their fates intertwine, Ilya and Vex must confront their demons, risking everything to seize the elusive chance at redemption and a future together.

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