The Four Point Universe Series, Book 8

By Max Ellendale and A. M. Corbi

History collides with the present in this heartwarming story of love and friendship.

Daria Grayson spent the last year crawling out from the rubble of her previous life with nothing save for the clothes on her back and the hand of her little girl clasped in hers. She never expected to find herself back in Seattle, starting over, and attempting to reconstruct some semblance of normalcy for her and her kid. With best friend Molly at her side, Daria begins to take a few cautious steps back into the world. When Molly convinces her to go on a silly adventure to raise her spirits, she meets Charlotte, Molly’s cousin. Daria falls for the free-spirited artist and risks fracturing her delicately-structured existence. If Daria hopes to foster her connection with her newfound love, she must stand and face her greatest foe—herself.

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