The Pistachio and Grant Comic Mysteries Series, Book 1

By Alex Washoe

Dying is easy, comedy is hard.

If Lou Costello and Ally McBeal had a child, that kid might be Dora Grant.

A licensed attorney who has never tried a case, Dora is hampered by severe social anxiety. Living over her mother’s garage and sneaking out to perform on open mike nights at the local comedy club, she can face the world only with the help of her hand-puppet alter-ego Pistachio.

But when Pistachio agrees to take on the defense of a homeless man accused of murder, Dora is catapulted into a high-profile case, facing off against the District Attorney she blames for her father’s death.

So down the rain-soaked streets of Seattle, a puppet must go who is not at all fond of getting wet. And not about to take crap from anyone.

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