My Boss’s Stalker

Spoiler It's Not Me

By Adrian J. Smith

An unrequited crush. A stalker on the loose. Will she be able to save her boss?

Zoe’s boss is a force to be reckoned with. And Zoe has had a crush on Gwen Fudala for the last three years. In a twist of events, Zoe drunkenly ends up on the phone with Gwen while in a compromising position. But it sparks a wildfire that neither can put out.

Still, something isn’t right.

Gwen is being stalked. Vowing to let nothing happen to her boss, Zoe winds up tangled in the stalker’s game. Unable to see which way is out and loyal to a fault, Zoe sticks by Gwen’s side through thick and thin.

Can they navigate a relationship under the watchful eye of a perpetrator?

Or does the stalker have a new target?

My Boss’s Stalker is a steamy age gap sapphic romantic suspense. Follow these two as they navigate complicated relationships, fear, and unexpected serenity.

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