Nashville Goodbyes

The Nashville Love Series, Book 5

By Jenn Bridges

She must lower her guard in order to keep the love of her life.

Brennan is an eternal optimist. A ray of sunshine in human form. She’s also in love with her best friend and roommate. Brennan has loved June almost the entire time they’ve lived together. They shared a night of passion once. A night of drinking that led to a kiss. But in the end June decided they would be better off as friends. Brennan tried to move on, but it’s hard when the only woman you want to be with is now your best friend and roommate. Now there’s an opportunity to change jobs. Somewhere far away from Nashville, and June. Brennan is thrilled at the prospect. Nothing sounds better than a fresh start somewhere else. What she doesn’t realize is that her feelings for June may not be as one sided as she thought. Brennan is torn between a clean slate somewhere new or a romance with the woman of her dreams.

June is nothing if not a realist. Some might call her a bit of an ice queen. Her emotions safely locked away inside herself. Why ruin a perfectly good friendship with the complexities of romance. Brennan loves her, and June has known for awhile. What Brennan doesn’t realize is that June loves her back. She’s been afraid to say the words. Afraid to open herself up. But when she realizes that Brennan might take an opportunity elsewhere she knows she must take drastic measures. She has to confess her feelings. Being a couple feels like a dream, but Brennan still has a choice to make, and the decision looms over both of them. Can June lower her guard for the love of her life?

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