By Lily Hardt

Love. Desire. Need.

Lucy Myers knows her life isn’t what she wants it to be. She works a menial job in a menial place with people who seem to have life figured out more than she does. She goes home every night to an empty apartment, sleeps alone, and sees nothing about to change.

Then one night after work her world is upended. Given a pity invite to a bachelorette party, she finds herself at The Fox Den, an upscale strip club that prides itself on inclusivity. When she’s invited to join a show on stage she finds herself face to face with Lady Nyx – a beautiful goddess who possesses the bold confidence that Lucy has been searching for her entire life.

Immediately Lucy falls head over heels, but she can’t stop the nagging feeling that Lady Nyx, a.k.a. Sierra Castle, is far, far out of her league. Through determination and communication Lucy begins to learn what it is to want, to desire, someone with every piece of herself. Their journey together changes them both as they explore the world of consensual BDSM and Lucy finds her true self in her desperate NEED.

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