Needs Must

By KL Rhavensfyre

Claudia Braniff isn't your average Healing Springs transplant, but she's about to become one of its more interesting ones.

Meet Claudia Braniff, the owner of Needs Must and newest resident of Healing Springs where old magic flows like the Springs themselves.

Claudia Braniff isn’t your average Healing Springs transplant, but she’s about to become one of its more interesting ones. She bought her shop from a dead woman, sight unseen, then packed up her cat, her Book, and herself…and moved across the country with only her magic to guide her.

All she wants to do is open her bookshop and move into her upstairs apartment.

That should be easy, right?

Not at all.

With the prior owner still taking up residence in the building, and the local bully trying to convince her to sell Needs Must, she finds herself teaming up with a small band of locals who are anything but ordinary.

With a twist of her wrist and a desire to do good, Claudia is caught between needing to get back something important to her that was stolen and trying to find the patience to do it “The Healing Springs way.”

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible to control a ghost of a witch with her own agenda. Things start to get messy, and she finds herself tangled up in small town antics. While Claudia gets to know the town and the people living there, we discover that not everything is as it seems. Even a town as magical as Healing Springs can grow a few bad apples, and when greed clashes with magic, the outcome is well, a bit insane.

Enjoy this cozy fantasy. A little dark, mostly not, and always full of magic.

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