New Year in Murder

The Lessons in Murder Series, Book 3

By Edale Lane

Fifty million motives for murder; one determined detective.

Detective Jenna Ferrari just wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with her new sweetheart; was that too much to ask? Whoever decided he or she had to shoot multi-millionaire Mitchell Lockwood at half-past midnight thought so.

Despite prepping the curriculum for her upcoming spring semester classes, Randi makes her new girlfriend her top priority. But when she perceives the widow of the murder victim making advances toward Jenna, her cool, patient demeanor gets tested.

Was it a robbery interrupted? Or maybe his business partner, a competitor, a family member, or someone else? With fifty million reasons to want Lockwood dead, anyone could be the killer, and he or she may be ready to kill again.

Under the microscope of a high-profile investigation, will Jenna prove who the murderer is without winding up a casualty herself?

˃˃˃ Follow Detective Jenna Ferrari as she investigates a high-profile murder.

Continue to match wits with Detective Jenna Ferrari and the criminals she encounters while pursuing her romantic ventures with college professor Randi McLeod. Can a tough cop and a tender teacher create a fool-proof course for a winning relationship while under the pressure of a prominent case? Don’t miss this episode of Edale Lane’s contemporary sapphic mystery series.

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