Night Flower

By Hildred Billings

Not every rose is made of thorns

When Noelle walked away from her adult entertainment gig, she never thought she’d return. Not with a comfortable corporate career in her life. Yet shortly after being laid off, she’s back to escorting the region’s wealthiest women… and growing more tired by the night.

An opportunity to take on a single patron opens Noelle to searching for full-time employment and dating again. Noelle wants to fall in love. Have a family. Remember what it’s like to be with people who love her for who she is, not what she can provide.

That’s how she meets Claire on a dating site. And that’s how her world quickly spirals out of control.

but every flower has its chance to bloom.

After being single for far too long, Claire is ready to date in the big city. Soon, she meets Noelle, who instantly captivates her imagination, beguiling her with a beauty only seen in magazines and movies.

Noelle only asks one thing of Claire as they hook up over multiple nights: Don’t fall in love with me. There are others. You’re not the only one in my life.

But Claire can’t resist the lilac scent or the rosy picture Noelle paints with her aloof airs. Nor is she surprised to learn that she’s not the only woman in Noelle’s semi-charmed life.

There’s someone else. An older patron determined to take Noelle down with her, no matter how much it ruins their lives and shatters her dreams.

Claire can handle Noelle’s unconventional lifestyle. What she can’t stand are people who think they own others. Especially when it’s her beautiful night flower in question.

NIGHT FLOWER is about a full-service escort and the romance she finds at a pivotal point in her life. Rest assured that this smoking hot story focuses on Noelle and Claire’s mutual search for a happily ever after together.

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