No Names Allowed

A Lesbian Short Story

By Terri Ronald

It's not every day that one received an invitation to go to The Moon.

You have been invited to join us on The Moon. Your night with us will begin at nine o’clock in the evening, and you may stay until your heart’s desire. However, be advised, here on The Moon, we adhere to strict policies. Names are not allowed. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited. Plus-ones are prohibited. You must follow the dress code of all black, dressy casual attire. Failing to abide by the above-mentioned policies will result in your immediate removal from the premises. Exceptions will not be made.

We ask you not divulge any information concerning this invitation to anyone. We pride ourselves on privacy and exclusivity, please respect that. If you decide to join us, please be on time, or don’t come at all. The map printed on the inside of the envelope will direct you to your pickup location. We look forward to seeing you.

Tonight is the night I embark on a journey of discovery. I don’t know what awaits me, but my curious nature cannot be fulfilled until I know every secret hidden behind those closed doors. My only question is, will I be able to handle what I find?

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