No One Compares to Her

The Friends and Lovers Series, Book 1

By Abigail Taylor

An unexpected event leads to a second chance romance.

Hazel is stunned after unexpectedly bumping into her old flame, Rory.

She thought life had moved on, and Rory’s memory was all that remained, but suddenly she’s right there, living in the same city, buying coffee from the same barista. Can this actually be happening? Excitement is followed by dread as Hazel realizes she still has feelings for beautiful, carefree Rory, but Hazel’s now married to a man.

As Hazel recalls intimate memories of their time together, she also reflects upon her troubled marriage and realizes that her intense feelings for Rory are too deep to push aside.

Hazel remains loyal to her husband, but the universe has its own plans as events take an unexpected and exciting twist, turning her whole life on its head.

Will Rory and Hazel get a second chance at love?

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