Not Asking for More

By Lindsey Pennington

It was only supposed to be one night. Until their different worlds collided.

Lauren Almquist gave up every dream she had to help her brother raise his kids; a degree, a girlfriend, a life of her own. Now she’s in her thirties and doesn’t know how to get any of it back. Or if she even wants to. After all, she’s settled. Why change that now?

Nissa Willis missed out on a few things after having kids young; parties, hookups, and irresponsibility. Now at only twenty-one, she doesn’t have time for those things. With two little girls, an absent ex, college classes and working for her parent’s company, she doesn’t even have time for herself. Much less time to date.

When the two meet by chance, they are drawn to each other despite their many differences. Ending up in bed wasn’t on either of their radars, and one night will have to be enough. When morning comes, they go back to their real lives, happy with their moment in time.

Until they run into each other again, far from where they met before. Now they have to decide if one night was enough. If happiness isn’t just worth finding their similarities.

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