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Contemporary Romance
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Asexual / Demisexual
Trigger/Content Warning:
discussions of trauma, discussions of domestic violence, alcoholism

Not Your Type

By Elizabeth Jeannel

As the two grow closer, they both have to decide if holding onto the things their exes taught them are also holding them back from their future.

When Ava meets Parker in an LGBT therapy group, she’s hesitant to get close to someone new. Ava’s traumatic past with relationships, and her inability to fully embrace her asexuality has made it hard for her to connect with anyone. But when she starts seeing Parker everywhere, she finds it hard to ignore how familiar Parker is, and how at peace Parker’s presence in her life makes her feel.

Parker is less than a year out of a toxic relationship when she starts seeing Ava all over town. At the gym where she works, at the coffee shop she frequents, and then at the LGBT therapy group she decides to attend on a whim. She takes this as a sign from the universe, but is shocked to find that Ava doesn’t believe in fate, and none of the charm and charisma that has worked before will quite cut it this time.


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