Nothing Ever Ends

The Eververse Series, Book 3

By Darby Harn

All her life, Abi has run from her pain. Now she's run out of time.

After betraying her girlfriend, Kit, Abi takes advantage of the confused nature of Break Pointe to run to a different timeline. Abi tries to start over with a different Kit, but when that reality begins to disintegrate, Abi discovers a shocking secret.

Every timeline in existence is being destroyed one by one by an unknown force. Abi runs again, barely escaping, and is trapped in another strange reality with no way home. There she meets Miranda, a young woman who struggles to accept her own dark past. Slowly, Abi begins to confront not just the reality she’s in but the truth of who she is.

She struggles to find a way to get back to her original timeline and warn people of the coming disaster. But she doesn’t know if they will trust her, or if anything can be done to stop the end of the universe.

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