Of Tides and Snow

By Darva Green

What if Snow White ran straight past the cottage in the woods and into the arms of a cold-hearted pirate?

A runaway priestess. A pirate with a deadly curse upon her heart. Will they be able to save each other before the hourglass runs out in this steamy, sapphic Snow White retelling?


I’ve spent my whole life preparing for one moment, but on the night I’m supposed to commit myself to the Moon Coven, a murder attempt has me fleeing the safety of the only home I’ve ever known. I run straight past the safe cottage in the woods and right into the arms of a most unlikely hero—a ruthless pirate captain. As I board The Ruined Soul, I can’t be sure if I’m a passenger or a captive, but as the tides grow more dangerous, I begin to suspect there’s more to the cold-hearted captain than meets the eye.

And my magic just might be the thing to help her thaw out.


The wall of ice I keep between myself and everyone else is meant to protect my cursed heart. No one can get too close to me.

But my walls start to crumble when a runaway priestess stumbles onto my boat and into my life. I only need to remind myself that she’s a bag of gold to be protected at all costs and nothing else—I won’t give in to the temptation to risk my soul for a taste of her. With my crew of misfit pirates, we’ll make it across a sea full of monsters and get her to safety, so we can claim our sweet reward.

This book is intended for adult audiences. Please check the author’s website for detailed content warnings: darvagreenthewriter.com

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