On Stolen Tides

By Kay Lalock

From escaping an arranged marriage to working with pirates – how much wilder can Lydia's life possibly get?

Great Rexone won’t stop until they’ve conquered the Known Isles. Lydia’s father – arguably the nation’s most respected admiral – is determined to be on top when that happens, even if it includes marrying off his daughter against her will.

The next thing Lydia knows, she’s sneaking onto a ship to return home, striking a deal with the feared pirates known as The Night Spirits to pay her way back. Luckily their second in command, Laufitu, seems to endorse her bargain. And it doesn’t take long before she and Lydia start exchanging more than knowledge of the Known Isles.

Falling in love with a pirate was never on Lydia’s agenda. Neither was aiding them in stealing from her father’s friends and enemies. By the time they make sense of their growing connection, tragedy strikes, forcing Lydia to make a tough decision.

But nothing could’ve prepared her for the true reason behind their piracy and what that means for Lydia’s way of life.

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