One Call Away

By Camyrn Eyde

Eloise Bailey is a down-and-out individual rapidly approaching rock bottom, who has a peculiar knack for destroying her phone.

After her car burns to the ground, Eloise’s life takes an unforeseen turn. Fumbling with a new phone, she inadvertently sends a text to the wrong number – a number that belongs to Doctor Dianah Mitchell, a successful and accomplished surgeon.

Dianah, a talented professional, is living a solitary life, content within the walls of her career accomplishments until a mistake by a colleague changes her life completely. That same day, she receives Eloise’s accidental message, setting the stage for an unusual connection to blossom.

As Eloise makes the life-changing decision to join the army, Dianah becomes a constant presence in her life, offering encouragement and a listening ear through a series of text exchanges. Through the difficulties of military training, Eloise and Dianah’s bond deepens, growing stronger with every message despite Eloise’s continual phone mishaps. Unbeknownst to them, an unbreakable connection forms, transcending the boundaries of friendship, slowly evolving into a romance neither of them ever anticipated.

What starts as an amusing mishap soon evolves into a lifeline of friendship for Eloise, as Dianah becomes the steadfast source of support in their time of need. For Dianah, Eloise becomes the friend she never knew she needed.

“One Call Away” is a touching story of resilience, the power of human connection, and the transformative journey of two souls who found friendship and love when they least expected it. Join Eloise and Dianah on their heartwarming voyage of self-discovery, as they redefine their lives, and discover that sometimes, the most beautiful love stories are the ones that were never planned.

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