One Little Yes

By Jamey Moody

Can healing someone’s heart heal your own?

What would you say? All it takes is one little yes.

Gina Gray is kind, successful, hard-working and fun to be with. Unfortunately those attributes aren’t enough to cure her failing kidneys. In need of a transplant her well-meaning friends come up with a plan to find her a donor and announce it at their New Year’s Eve Party.

Angel Ruiz is a smart, pleasant, loner. She hides her scarred heart under a quiet reserved demeanor. When an opportunity to get to know her new co-workers comes in the form of an invitation to a New Year’s Party she nervously accepts.

At the party, Gina appreciates her friends but not the embarrassing attention. She slips out to the terrace, meets an intriguing woman and feels an instant connection. When Angel mentions being new in town Gina has an idea.

All Angel has to do is say yes.

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