One More Chance

By C. A. Hall

Who breaks up with someone on New Year’s eve?

On the heels of a nasty breakup, the last thing Alex needs is another roommate, especially the two-legged variety. However, when a stray shows up at the shelter and is in need of a home, Alex can’t help taking her in.

Sadie’s beautiful, intelligent, and has the most intense eyes Alex has ever seen. There’s something about this dog that puts Alex’s mind at ease, more than any other dog has before.
Sadie’s pretty sure that isn’t her name. In fact, she doesn’t think she’s a dog at all. But with no memory or voice to call her own, the only thing she can do is sit and listen to the woman who’s kindly taken her in.

It isn’t until Alex shows her a photograph of them standing together when all of her memories come rushing back.

Realizing their pasts are intertwined, can Jen, the would-be stray, convince Alex there’s more to her than meets the eye? Or are Jen’s faults more than enough to trap her inside this new body forever?

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