One-Night Stand

The Fated Mates Series, Book 1

By Jenna Kent

From a fated one-night stand to an eternal bond, their love defies time and expectations in a world of passion, power, and patience.


I think I was born to spend the rest of my life alone. I can’t for the life of me, find a spouse. Jilted on my wedding day, I land myself in a private night club. I run into the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her name is Kade Greystone. She’s not only beautiful, but filthy rich and a real MEAN girl. She takes pity on me and gives me an incredible night of passion. I thought this was a one-night stand. But now she’s saying I’m her fated mate… My one-night stand with Kade will last an eternity.


I love women, but I hate the patriarchy. I’ve spent a thousand years under this petulant rulership, and I’ve had first hand experience with the hole in men’s hearts. They’re never happy. Never satisfied. I spend my nights with my small coven, searching for a place to build a permanent home. I’ve been in Detroit two months, and I’m ready to leave, bored of this place, but when beautiful Leah walks into my nightclub, I suddenly want to stay. She captivates me in ways no woman ever has. So, I give her a taste of what true passion feels like. But there’s one problem. She’s awakened a 1,000-year-old dead heart. Leah’s my mate. I’ve waited centuries for this woman, believing she didn’t exist. I didn’t know our curse was lifted. I’m bonded to this woman for eternity. I feel the pull to her, but she doesn’t feel the same for me. I’ve waited a 1,000 years for Leah. My expertise is patience. I’ll wait a thousand more if that’s what it takes.

Jenna is a steamy lesbian romance author of fast-paced instalove romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.

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