One night was all it took

The One night was all it took Series, Book 1

By Brandon Brehmer

Neither Lacey or Natalia ever imagined falling in love with a woman.

Lacey Martin is not your everyday bar manager. Independent, headstrong, somewhat innocent, and full of life. However, she tends to stay buried in her work at the bar. Her crew is more like a family, including a few customers. The occasional one-night stand satisfies her, considering she’s not looking for a relationship.

An old friend and ex-popstar, Derek Candan returns home for a weekend with a group of his friends. These friends include Derek’s ex, Natalia. Although both girls are straight, Natalia finds an immediate and intense interest in Lacey. Lacey immediately feels that same spark. One single night together creates a wild and new world of love between the two of them.

The bar is Lacey’s home. But they say home is where the heart is, and Lacey’s heart is captured by Natalia. A relationship wasn’t what she wanted, but the relationship wanted her.

Falling in love can be easy. Admitting it can be hard. Keeping the relationship can be harder. With the help of an amazing crew of friends that Lacey considers family, Natalia, and her fight against the odds to keep the growing flame between them lit.

This isn’t your normal lesbian and somewhat erotic romance novel. Most people go to the bar to drink. These people go to the bar to enjoy life.

If you want a novel that will make you feel like you’re there with them. A novel that keeps you on your feet. A novel that makes you want more (in all types of ways). A novel that defies all odds. A novel that will bring you new friends to the table…or bar. A novel that kickstarts a series of four books. You’ve found the right book.

Come meet Jared, Rya, Hannah, Derek, Jack, Bill, Natalia, Lacey, and more. Find out why “One night was all it took” to fall in love with these characters and this new upcoming series.

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