Only for Convenience

The Only in Seaside Series, Book 4

By Shannon O'Connor

A single mom, a nurse with great healthcare & a marriage of convenience.


It might be the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Besides trusting my ex when he said he had birth control covered.

But I can’t afford my son’s medication anymore and it seems like a good enough plan.

Marry the nurse, with the incredible healthcare who just so happens to need to get married.

That is, until I start falling for her…



When Addison and her son walk into my ER, the last thing I expected was to see them again.

She was beautiful, but I knew better than to hit on patients.

Until my green card is expiring and the only way to stay is to get married, and quick.

So when my friend introduces me to Addison at a party,

joking about us getting married,

we both can’t help but think it’s a good idea.

That is, until I start to fall for her and her son…


Will they be able to get married and keep their feelings at bay or will their marriage of convenience be less than convenient?

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