Only for the Holidays

The Seasons of Seaside Series, Book 3

By Shannon O'Connor

Will we become something more or will our fling be just for the holidays?


Going home for the holidays is the last thing I wanted.

Wasn’t I old enough to stay home, watch Netflix and eat those snowman sugar cookies raw?

So I lied to my parents, thinking they’d never know the truth.

I was staying home to visit with my girlfriend’s family, it was foolproof right?

Until they show up on my doorstep with every intention of meeting the girlfriend that doesn’t exist.


My family means well, I know they do.

But I’m tired of trying to be set up by my parents.

This holiday season the last thing I want to do is go on another blind date with a man my parents set me up with.

So when my friend with benefits jokes about pretending to date for the holidays,

To keep our parents at bay, it seems like the perfect plan.

Until we start to blur the lines between mistletoe kisses and something real.


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