Out of Control

The Gloria Morris Series, Book 1

By G.R. Browda

Gorged and satiated after her lovemaking with Gloria, the lady alludes to her crimes.

Gloria Morris is a respected private detective with an explosive sense of honor who cherishes frisky ladies, reads Poe and Twain, believes in justice, and kicks a lot of ass. Her investigation into the disappearance of a popular and notorious seductress, whose pervasive presence affects the lives of two compelling women, takes her to San Francisco’s sexual underground and the discovery of treasonous political intrigue. She is assisted by the missing woman’s roommate and lover, Clarissa, and together they engage in a cat and mouse scenario with a powerful femme fatale, who is Gloria’s chief suspect. It turns out that searching for the missing beauty is only one of the problems they encounter. During the course of her investigation, Gloria meets an astonishing lady and begins a life-changing romance. But will this new relationship benefit her work … or deliver her to danger?

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