Out of the Ashes

By Rita Potter

Will their love rise out of the ashes of Mount St. Helens?

When unusual seismic activity is detected on Mount St. Helens, volcanologist, Nova “Cano” Kane along with a team from the United States Geological Survey is sent to investigate. The year is 1980, and there hasn’t been a large-scale eruption from the mountain in over one hundred years.

Dr. Allison “Allie” Albright is a prominent professor at the University of Washington where the seismic activity is being tracked. As more scientists pour into Seattle, she braces for the possible return of Cano.

Neither Allie nor Cano has fully recovered from their breakup nearly five years earlier. Both live with the pain and regret of how their relationship ended. Maybe it’s best to leave it in the past and focus on the job at hand, which is no easy task.

They must battle the limits of predictive science, the shortsightedness of bureaucracy, and the bias of the media, while fighting their complicated feelings for one another. As Mount St. Helens continues to churn, so too does their attraction.

Which will erupt first, the volcano or their feelings for one another?

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