Out of the Ashes

By Rita Potter

The year is 1980, and Mount St. Helens hasn’t erupted in over one hundred years. Surely, it won’t happen now?

Volcanologist Nova “Cano” Kane is the first to volunteer when the rumblings start, even if it means she’ll have to face her biggest regret. When Cano fled Seattle four years ago, she left behind the woman she’s never been able to forget.

Geology professor Dr. Allison Albright has spent four years learning to live with Multiple Sclerosis and without Nova. Now her ex has waltzed back into Allison’s university and the tension between them is building like that inside the restless mountain. As the women work together to overcome the limitations of science and short-sighted politicians, they struggle with their past. Is there any way to heal? Move on?

It’s a race against time in this edge-of-the-seat lesbian romance. Which will erupt first–Mount St. Helens or their feelings for each other?

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