Outback Future

The A Woman Down Under Series, Book 7

By K'Anne Meinel

What will the future hold for these three?

Alinta is determined to make sure she never becomes a victim again, but what can she do when Mel’s previous love shows up at the outback station they are building together? The white woman, with her proper English ways, is like no one she has ever seen before. How can she compete with someone who once held her own love’s heart?

Mel Lawrence is astonished to see Lady Worthington in her home in the Outback, so far from England. She had never thought she would see her again. Abigail is even prettier than she had remembered. It has been a lot of years, and they have both matured. Mel, however, is now married to Alinta and they have a child, with another on the way.

Abigail is a widow with three children of her own, and has fled to Australia, hoping to find Mel, her first love, ready to take her back. What she finds instead surprises everyone, herself included.

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