Pacific Pack

The Coastal Pack Series, Book 1

By Harlowe Frost

When her aunt is found dead, can a lone wolf expose the new pack leader as the murderer without losing her heart?

Tamsin Hath, the rightful leader to her family’s werewolf pack, left them in the care of her older, more experienced beloved uncle. She now lives in Chicago and is at the mercy of the local pack. The death of her uncle in a dominance fight left her angry, but she understood. When her aunt was found dead, due to supposed natural causes, Tamsin suspects her pack’s new leader is at the bottom of it all. Unable to count on the police, with their lack of insight into the werewolf world, to whom can she turn?

Paige Glass spent her days monitoring the beaches of Santa Cruz and her nights reporting on crime. On the trail of information into a local murder, she finds herself in a world people only read about in books. One in which vicious beasts attack you for coming too close to the truth. Can she find an ally in this world of monsters and murders?

Neither Tamsin nor Paige was looking for love when they found each other. Theirs was a mission to solve the murder of Tamsin’s aunt. Will their forced proximity and conjoined efforts bring them more than the pleasure of solving the crime?

If you like paranormal romance, with a bit of a mystery, you’ll love Pacific Pack, the first in the Coastal Pack series, all with a guaranteed HEA

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