Perfect Fake Match

The TwinSoul Dating App Series, Book 1

By Alexa Woods

When a fake date turns out to be a real soulmate…

Raine has never dreamed of a white wedding or a plus one. Romance only interests her on the pages of her book club’s novels.

Or regarding her latest business project: A dating app named TwinSoul.

The app is foolproof – if only people will use it.

To prove her app’s merit, Raine has to show it works, and she knows exactly how:

Get matched.
Pretend the romance is real.
And part ways when the app is a success.

Easy, right?
It would be if the app didn’t work a little too well …

After twenty-one years of being a good girl, Bryn lets her hair down for one night – with disastrous results. Her rich parents fly into damage control as her antics go viral.

According to their PR team, the only way to save their reputation is to hook Bryn up with a fake, respectable girlfriend. And they have a perfect way:


As foolish as the plan sounds, it works like a charm: The app hooks her up with a gorgeous older woman – the app’s creator, Raine. And she too, wants a fake girlfriend.

It’s an ideal match. But when illusion and reality collide, Reine and Bryn must wonder: What happens when their fake romance becomes too real?

Raine and Brynlee’s story is the first book in the “TwinSoul App” hot and alluring age-gap dating app FF romance series. Each book in the series is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after for the couple.

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