Perilous Things

The Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles Series, Book 4

By Elizabeth Andre

Objects that fulfill your wildest dreams can become your worst nightmare.

Getting what you’ve always dreamed of is great until that dream becomes a nightmare. When the death of a collector of paranormal objects means some of those objects are out in the world, Julie and Maya and the rest of the Paranormal Grievance Committee rush to get them contained before they plunge more lives into chaos. But one of the people who has an object is Julie’s brother. He doesn’t want to let it go. And then there’s the mysterious Emerald Dancy from the Society of Disquieting Objects who says she wants to help, but who clearly has an agenda of her own.

Julie and Maya must retrieve the objects. But can they do that when a woman claiming to be their ally wants them for her own twisted ends?

Perilous Things is the fourth novel in the Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series, but each book can stand alone.

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