Pest Control

By Eule Grey

Save the world? Okay, but can messy Valeri the Chaos Queen ever get a date with grumpy Pippa?

Poor Valeri! With no job or girlfriend, the new year starts badly. Her flat’s a mess and she’s broke. She dismisses a job advert for a pest controller as the worst idea ever. Valeri is scared of spiders and bugs and isn’t great with rodents, either. When she sees a creepy crawlie, she’s forced to ask for help from the grumpy girl next door, Pippa. Pest controller? Nope. Until Valeri notices an image of the uniform … gold catsuit and matching bracelets. Before she can think better, Valeri signs up for an interview.

Grumpy Pippa the librarian likes books, order, and keeping her shelves tidy. The last thing she wants is a messy chaotic queen entering her quiet life. Yeah, she’s lonely sometimes. True, neighbour Valeri is hot, but Pippa is too busy to even consider a date. Something is wrong at the library, though. Pippa hears noises and becomes convinced that pests have somehow gotten in.

Can messy Valeri solve the pest issue and become better acquainted with grumpy Pippa? Will the worst new year turn into the best?

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