Phoebe’s Festival

By A. A. Fairview

A caravan of satyrs capture's a young woman's heart.

I may have been betrothed to Taeon all my life but I hardly expected our marriage to be this unbearable. It’s deep in the woods, after hunting for days, that we come across the satyr women. Beautiful, plump, and everything my husband is not. When I stop him from harming one of the satyrs, things between us only get worse.

Who else comes to my aid, but the satyrs themselves.

Soon I find myself torn between my lifelong duty to my betrothed and the promise of a life of pleasure. The path is uncertain. What is certain is my affection towards these satyr women–an affection they return twofold. They’re not the only ones… There is a whole group of satyr women ready to welcome me into their arms!

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