Plain English

By Rachel Spangler

Sometimes you have to risk losing in all in order to find yourself.

When a no-strings, romantic adventure begins to slip into something more, Pip and Claire are forced to confront the pressures they were both trying to avoid.

When Claire Bailey left London to open her own art gallery in the tiny village of Amberwick, she’d hoped to make an honest go at simple living right up until the moment a shockingly attractive aristocrat rocketed o the road and knocked her world n its axis.

Pip has learned to play the part of a ne’er-do-well upper elite: charismatic, enigmatic, and a little bit erratic. Luckily, women tend to like that. After leading such a charmed existence, Pip finds that Claire’s complete lack of interest in money or status sparks both curiosity and attraction.

Surrendering to both boredom and sheer chemistry, the two agree to an unconventional, no-strings, romantic adventure designed to provide them both a bit of freedom and entertainment. However, once released from the pressure to project perfect images of themselves, the walls they depended on for protection begin to crumble. Worlds blend and identities blur as their whirlwind romance quickly becomes more than they bargained for. Will their almost elemental attraction be enough to overcome the complexities rushing in from all sides? Or will the pressures they’ve both sought to escape force them to forge a new path neither of them had dared to dream of?

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