Playing with Fire

By Amanda Kabak

As camp chef and chief pack mule of a boutique camping and guiding outfit, Harper Varnham just wants to make the perfect campfire apple turnover.

But fate has other plans. When Lucia Guzman, her childhood best friend and fellow trail guide, breaks her leg, Lucia suggests her sister Mia step in to help with the season. Remembering the crush she once had on the free-spirited Mia, Harper readily agrees.

When Mia arrives at Harper’s door, she’s somehow exactly the same yet completely different from the girl Harper had known when she was thirteen and in the throes of her first crush. And it doesn’t take long for Harper to start falling a little in love with Mia all over again.

But with Mia’s reappearance, old Guzman family wounds have reopened and soon Mia’s emotional scars begin tearing open as well. Harper has always had a second family in the Guzmans, but now she wants Mia, too. Can she have Mia without losing the Guzmans and Lucia—who’s been in the middle the whole time?

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