Poker Face

By Noelle Winters

When running from your past gives you a second chance with your first love, do you take it?

Is it worth a second chance at love?

After ten years of running from her past, Liv Evans returns to her hometown – and the woman she left behind. When one of her best friends is found dead and her death declared a suicide, Liv decides that if no one else will find the truth, she will. Even if that means working with the woman whose heart she broke long ago.

Ryan Olsen never expected Liv to come back…and she definitely didn’t expect to still be in love with her. She also didn’t expect to keep running into her at crime scenes. But when the “suicide” seems to be tied to two missing teenagers, and the Chief of Police is determined to do anything to keep Ryan out of the investigation, Ryan’s gut tells her there’s more to it – and Liv may hold the key. Plus, it may be the only way Ryan can keep Liv out of trouble. But things are not what they seem, and both of them may be the target of a killer that is far worse than they know.

Will they get their second chance? Or will they fall prey to a killer determined to tear them apart?

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