Prairie Fire

By Kayt C. Peck

Judy and Kathleen felt safe and secure ... until ... prairie fire!

Judy and Kathleen were accepted, even loved, by their conservative ranching neighbors. Their world felt safe and secure … until … until prairie fire! The flames disrupted their lives, causing destruction and injury, but the community pulled together to face a common enemy. When Kathleen’s unofficial “daughter” found herself homeless, Pookie joined that community, bringing to this simple world her black clothes and rebellious nature. Together, conservative and liberal, gay and straight, they were a community, ready to face fire itself. The surprise to them all was the unseen enemy from within, one that had the potential to destroy them all.

Endorsement from Anne Hillerman:

“Kayt Peck is one of those rare and remarkable women who can do anything she sets her mind to—and has done it! She certainly knows how to tell a good story.” Anne Hillerman, bestselling author of Spiderwoman’s Daughter and Rock with Wings

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