Protecting Her Heart

By C. A. Hall

Going into the human city is dangerous for any wolf, but when Shay comes across a beautiful woman, she stays for her mate.

Recently traded to another pack, Shay’s struggling to fit in. Between her role as a beta and an Alpha that refuses to run with the pack, she has very little room to breathe, if any at all. So when a friend suggests she go into the city to blow off some steam, she does exactly that.

What she finds there is better than she ever could’ve imagined.

Alison’s strong, confident, and Shay’s pretty sure she’s her mate. There’s just one problem. The woman she’s set her eyes on isn’t a shifter at all. She might act like an Alpha, but everything about her is human, from the light perfume she wears to the job she keeps as a chef not too far away.

A union between a human and a wolf has never been done and is likely forbidden. However, no matter how much distance Shay puts between herself and the other woman, something keeps pulling her back.

With a city that’s too cramped for her wolf’s liking and a pack that’s falling apart at the seams, can Shay control her wolf long enough to stay within the city, or is this one line she shouldn’t cross?

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