Queen of the Banished

The Awakening

The Queen of the Banished Series, Book 1

By Tuesday Harper

An epic story about love and magic, rivalry and revenge…

Thrown out of their magical community, a group of witches fights to scrape by in mortal society. Despite their efforts, the only hope to dethrone the wicked enchantress that banished them lies in the hands of an unknown heir that no one is even sure exists.

In an odd twist of fate, Safiri, a witch with unique powers, starts hooking up with Corinne, a bookstore clerk who doesn’t even believe in magic. Corinne worries the smooth talker will play with her heart. What she doesn’t expect is Safiri to reveal hidden truths from her past.

According to the prophecy, Corinne is meant to save the banished and restore the balance to the magical world. Safiri believes she can, but might be the only one. Corinne doesn’t have any magical abilities and seems more interested in having a normal life than stepping into the power that was destined for her.

Corinne must decide if she has the courage to tap into the power inside of her she never knew existed.

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