Racing Hearts

The For the Love of the Game Series, Book 5

By Alex Washoe

Can love finally catch up with them?

Even a champion can’t outrun love.

Tricia Brinker feels like she’s been fighting her entire life. On the brink of a new beginning, she’s juggling work, study, and caring for her teenage daughter. To the world, she projects an image of breezy confidence, but she’s hiding a secret that could send her life spinning out of control.

Decker Ashford once knew Olympic glory, but when a tragic accident outed her as trans she was stripped of her medals. For years she’s been trapped by her pain, unable to commit fully to the sport she can’t let go. When she meets Noelle, Tricia’s daughter, it awakens all her old demons. Noelle, a world-class runner, is tired of fighting to be accepted as a trans athlete. Now she’s determined to race on her own terms – and she wants Decker to coach her.

None of them have room in their lives for new relationships. But could three difficult, determined people be part of one found family?

Is it possible love has finally caught up with them?

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